Film Synopsis


Resurrecting Love documents the powerful racial conflict over the right to visit cemeteries and to know your ancestors.  


This work-in-progress follows two women, one black, one white, as they rally the community to fight a large timber corporation and in the process change the face of Texas history.  Resurrecting Love shows us how a diverse group of people can come together to heal the deep racial divisions that still threaten to tear our country apart.


The film grew out of China Galland's book, Love Cemetery, Unburying the Secret History of Slaves (HarperOne).  


The book ignited a controversy over people being able to get into cemeteries throughout Texas and set off an investigation by the State Attorney General's Office.  


As a consequence, new legislation was passed making it potentially a criminal offense to deny people reasonable access to cemeteries in Texas. Nonetheless, this widespread problem continues in Texas and across the U.S. today. The controversy addressed in this film is now a national issue.