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September, 2023

“Together, you can redeem the soul of our nation,” said Congressman John Lewis

Stand Up is from the movie Harriet, as in Harriet Tubman.  It's literally holding me up and keeping me moving, it's so inspiring.    
















Put Resurrecting Love out into the world and help transform conflict into community.  

Resurrecting Love documents and demonstrates the growing movement of people committed to solutions.  


Take up the tasks of redeem left to us in John Lewis’s encouragement.  John entered the hospital in D.C. the next day, knowing his death had arrived.  

State Representative Justin Jones, for District 52 in Tennessee, says he’s  “On the journey, searching for higher ground. Carrying my ancestors’ prayers. still in a fight to represent and speak for the constituents who sent them to the State House in Tennessee”


It’s way we can join together in nonviolence and solutions and historical approach we need now.  Black people are literally being mowed down in the streets, in the grocery stores, in churches.   

Getting Resurrecting Love

Resurrecting Love is complete, beginning, middle, and end!  Your participation has made reaching this near-final stage possible.  I’m so grateful to the hundreds of people who’ve been moved to donate and to the foundations who’ve also helped.  


Read this update and let your friends know about Love.  This is the gift we’re asking.  


This history is alive and must be known for democracy to live.  




Thank you for participating in Love and being part of the solution to the growing racism and anti-semitism that’s 

You are the foundation of Resurrecting Love!  You’ve helped us meet each one of our funding goals to date.  

We’re down to the last $35,000!  

We finished the documentary, and now need to complete finalize releases and the legal review.  







Ask questions, make comments, leave us your email address.  We will answer you.







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