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August, 2023


We are getting there . . .

Our goal, first and foremost, is to finish our movie and get it onto screens across this country and the world.  We are told that it is important that this happens soon in the midst of international interest in discussions of race, reconcilliation and history.  


So, one of the most enlivening elements in moving toward the finish is: Music!  It's a joy to be working with world-renowned musician and guitarist Eric Bibb on our sound track 

Here are excerpts from the bio on his website: 


"To meet Eric is to be struck by both his humility and his warmth. There is no pretense in him. He is remarkably centered, his convictions based in the values of the civil rights movement of the sixties. Eric’s music works in service of that dream, holding out a hope for a new world. He challenges us to do better, to reach higher, and strive harder. . . .

"Eric carries his mantle honestly. His father, the late Leon Bibb, was an activist, actor, and folk singer who marched at Selma with Dr. Martin Luther King. Eric’s youth was spent immersed in the Village folk scene. Names like Dylan, Baez, and Seeger were visitors to his home. He was deeply influenced by Odetta, Richie Havens, and Taj Mahal. And he has synthesized all of that into his very own style . . . .

“'When I think about my musical journey so far, I’m mostly grateful and amazed at where and who I am today. I also realize how many musical dreams of mine have come true. Listening to my earliest recordings I’m immediately aware of how my voice and guitar playing have evolved. I keep getting closer to the goal, even though the goalposts seem to continually move,' Eric remarked recently."

We feel very lucky to be woking with Eric on our sound track.  (He is donating much of his time and services because he was able to see the rough cut of our film and got the fever.)


Yes, there is an end in sight in terms of completing Resurrecting Love.  The watch parties that were hosted around the country into July were successful. To remind you, here is the response to the rough cut of the movie from an audience in Teaneck, New Jersey:










We’re reaching out for help in this completion phase of Resurrecting Love so that it goes out into the world shining.  Love is a potent antidote for the racism that’s poisoning our world.  The work of teaching history and providing models for reconciliation has never been more needed than now.  Add your voice by helping support the last phase of production as we send Love out into the world!  We are in the process of raising the final $25,000 as we submit the film to multiple film festivals both here in the U.S. and abroad!

Anyway, if you can help get us all the way there, once again you can do it here:  




The button above takes you to a site that enables you to make a tax deductible donation.  Also if you hate credit cards, it tells you how to send a check and get the same deduction.

In solidarity,


China for the Resurrecting Love team

Don't forget:

Ask questions, make comments, leave us your email address.  We will answer you.







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