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                 OCTOBER 2023  

             FRONT PAGE HEADLINES New York Times 9/29/23



















This photo is from the front page article of the New York Times and features Olivewood Cemetery which we include in our documentary film, Resurrecting Love. We are excited to see mainstream media covering this overlooked subject of African American Burial Grounds, which is what our film is all about - race, reconciliation and reparations.





You are the foundation of Resurrecting Love!  You’ve helped us meet each one of our funding goals to date.  All donations are tax deductible.

We’re reaching out for help in this completion phase of Resurrecting Love so that it goes out into the world shining.  Love is a potent antidote for the racism that’s poisoning our world.  The work of teaching history and providing models for reconciliation has never been more needed than now.  Add your voice by helping support the last phase of production as we send Love out into the world!  

Listen once again to the voice of Aldo Billingslea, one of our Producers:












We are in the process of raising the final $35,000 as we submit the film to multiple film festivals both here in the U.S. and abroad!  ($25,000 of it is for our final legal fees to clear rights, for final payments to creative personnel and for a professional Color Correction and Sound Mix; the remaining $10,000 is to get us entered into and to travel us and the film to the Film Festivals coming up this fall and winter.)


The button above takes you to a site that enables you to make a tax deductible donation through our fiscal sponsor Fractured Atlas, or to send a check and get the same deduction.


In solidarity,



From the Resurrecting Love team




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