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Dear Friends,



You did it.  The award to our documentary Resurrecting Love of an $18,000 matching grant from the Rudolf Steiner Foundation has now wonderfully turned into $36,000 --- your generosity has helped get us closer to our total funding goal.  

As a result, we've begun the final completion of the film.  Here's a little thank you from our editing room: competing voices reacting to the theft of history (some of it footage that you have never seen before).  It's important to hear them all.





Black cemeteries have been cut up, paved over, used for cattle grazing, turned into playgrounds and parking lots, and drowned in man-made reservoirs.  As one Black preacher put it, “How can you draw strength from your roots when you don’t know who your people are or where you came from?”

With your ongoing help, our film will be completed and out into the world in 2023.  Then we can begin on the curriculum development that this material begs for.


I’m thrilled to have been invited to speak at Texas Prairie View A&M, an HBCU (Historically Black College and University), outside of Houston, Texas, February 22nd through the 26th, 2023, during Black History month.  Prairie View has an enrollment of 9000 students.

Sociology students there have been using my book, Love Cemetery, Unburying the Secret History of Slaves as one of their texts. That’s the book out of which our documentary film Resurrecting Love grew.


Resurrecting Love is emblematic of the hidden national conflict just under the surface throughout the U.S. over who gets to honor their dead.  Property owners and real estate agents (for whom burial grounds complicate business transactions) want to keep buried, forgotten, inaccessible, and out of sight the history that is buried with the Ancestors.  We're going to talk about that at Prairie View.

Texas Prairie View A&M sits in the midst of 1,400 acres of former plantations.  

Side note: you all are a diverse group of people who came to us at different times in our history.  If you would like a "nutshell" history of our film, either because you don't know it or because you need to be reminded, please click 

HERE.  And then return to this page ("China's November News") to hear the remainder of our news.



The $36,000 we just raised from you all and the Rudolf Steiner Foundation has given us a gigantic kick start: we are already cutting the final version of the movie.  But we need to raise an additional $74,000 to complete the work properly: color correction, music composition, clearance of rights to source music and archival footage, a narration by a recognized voice, outreach, festivals ... oh my.  Finishing a movie professionally is costly. We have multiple grant requests out to help with our journey to screens, streaming services and, finally, classrooms, but we will hear nothing from the foundations until after the New Year.  The next two months are critical for us.


We believe that the message in Resurrecting Love is important - and inspirational.  We are committed to getting to the last step in our journey: the classrooms and the young people in them.  An accurate sense of history is fundamental to our physical and mental well being.

We know times are tough for many, many of us.  But we also know that there are some of you out there who can think of charitable giving at this time of year.  We think our cause is just.  We hope you do too.  We'd like you to consider becoming one of our producers.  Please check out the options by clicking:

  • Or, if you prefer not to contribute via credit card or the other digital options, you can donate by check made payable to our fiscal agent: "Fractured Atlas" and snail mailed to my producing partner:  Barry Opper, 9620 Clybourn Ave, Sun Valley, CA 91352.  Note "for Resurrecting Love" in the memo area on your check.  (Please make sure "Fractured Atlas" is on the "pay to the order of" line, not Resurrecting Love.)

  • All contributions made to Fractured Atlas on our behalf are tax-deductible. 



For more about the film, click to our HOME page.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Thank you for showing your interest and helping us stand against racism and for truth and reconciliation.  As our country struggles with racial injustice, and states like Texas are imposing limits on how, or whether, race, slavery and history can be taught, we are working hard to insist the conversation be had by completing the feature length documentary Resurrecting Love. 

Thank you for your help and support.




China Galland

Writer / Producer

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