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April 8th, 2023​

Dear Friends,


It's China's producing partner Barry here this month.  We're pretty excited to be completing a cut of our feature length documentary for screening purposes in Private Preview Screenings around the country. More about this in a moment. 


China has just done a very interesting interview on a podcast hosted by community activist Anasuya Isaacs.  I thought you might want to watch it.  Fifteen minutes in duration, it tells you most eveything you need to know about the why and how of the making of Resurrecing Love, the movie.  I was inspired by the discussion.








If you'd care to, you can make a donation to help us finish the film's post production.  





Or, if you prefer not to contribute via credit card or the other digital options, you can donate by check made payable to our fiscal agent: "Fractured Atlas" and snail mailed to me:  Barry Opper, 9620 Clybourn Ave, Sun Valley, CA 91352.  Note "for Resurrecting Love" in the memo area on your check.  (Please make sure "Fractured Atlas" is on the "pay to the order of" line, not Resurrecting Love.)  All contributions made on our behalf are tax-deductible. 



The cut we have just finished has yet to be mixed and color corrected in state of the art, professional facilities, nor have we chosen the final music or secured the necessary clearances of the music and archival footage.  These processes will take more time and money.  However, as we mention above, the cut with a temp sound and picture mix is suitable for screening for friends and for entry into film festivals taking place in the summer and fall.  We are proud of the film in its current cut.

We’d love you to see the whole movie.  Will you host a screening of the film in your home for 15-20 of your friends who might be able to contribute toward our work's completion I'd be glad to send you a preview link so you can see what we have.  It is inspirational, we think.  Then, after you've experienced it yourself, we invite you to screen for your friends in your living room.  You would be giving them a Premier of our movie.  I have done this with other documentary projects on which I have worked and have found them immensely successful.  And fun.


The plan:


  1. Request a link to the movie.  Watch it, then set up a date in late April (or early May) and invite friends.  Try to get 20 friends.  Tell them it is an exciting documentary about race and reconciliation you have been supporting.  Ask them to bring their smart phones.

  2. We then send you a link to the movie which you can screen on your big screen television set from your computer.  (If you don’t know how to do that, we can help you.)

  3. You encourage a short discussion afterwards.

  4. Then, you have them bring out their phones and go to our website. There they can click the donate now button and you can sit there while they make a contribution.  Let them decide, large or small, don’t look over their shoulders.  (But of course the bigger the donation the better for us.)

  5. Encourage them to host a screening of their own in their homes.

  6. Thank them and send them on their ways. 

  7. Connect us with them by sending us their names and email addresses so we can thank them personally.


No kidding, this is a way you can help us finish.  If you want to see the movie, click below and let us know of your interest:





Black cemeteries have been cut up, paved over, used for cattle grazing, turned into playgrounds and parking lots, and drowned in man-made reservoirs.  The fight to save them seems as difficult today as it was 110 years ago when Della Love first donated the Love Cemetery property.  However, our film expands beyond this one cemetery in East Texas into an inspiring reflection on the power of the people and the importance of "keeping on keeping on."  Here is one of the people we were honored to interview for this movie, speaking about this.




For more information about the film, click to our HOME page.


Thank you for your interest, help and support.




Barry Opper

Film and Television Producer, Writer, Activist




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